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Khanyanjalo Consulting is a Black Female owned Training and consulting company that has been in existence  for the past nine years. The company is  accredited training provider by the relevant accrediting bodies.



Excellent tailor made, value driven training and development solutions



To provide a wide range of accredited  training programmes to a wide range of employees and managers both in the public and the private corporate environment’ at various levels of the National Qualifications Framework,   through the expertise and skills of highly seasoned teams of  professionals in line with the Batho Pele principles, human rights and the Patients’ rights charter.

Dr Lungile Ndlovu (Managing Director)

Dr. Ndlovu is a nurse,  a   founder member and the Managing Director  of Khanyanjalo consulting,  a registered, Black female  owned and accredited   company, based in South Africa, with a  special focus on providing training, consulting, research and exclusive conferencing in the many areas. The company has a special interest and expertise in health issues,  and community development programmes,

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We uphold the following values as forming an integral part on how we conduct our business and all other relationships in pursuance of realizing our mission and vision:

− Integrity – practicing what we preach.

− Reliability – offering value-adding services within agreed timeframes.

− Honesty – frankness on our delivery capabilities.

− Quality – offering programmes and services guaranteed to yield required results.

− Professionalism – treating clients and all persons we deal with in business with a sense of respect and being courteous.

− Customer-focused – being number one with customers



The primary objective of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the work/business environment. Our team of expert trainers keep the training sessions vibrant, interactive  through:


   • Role-plays

   • Break-away Sessions

   • Relevant business exercises

   • Demonstrations

   • Discussion activities and

   • Case studies


The facilitators/trainers create a professional and comfortable atmosphere where people can evaluate themselves and their skills, develop ideas and solutions to problems and plan improved growth in the workplace. Delegates use the group’s collective knowledge to explore issues they find relevant, while group leaders keep discussions appropriate and professional.



Besides training offered at selected conference venues countrywide,  Khanyanjalo consulting presents professional in-house courses tailored to suit each business organization’s specific skill requirements. We cement a professional business partnership with our customers to gain knowledge and understanding of training outcomes and objectives offering solutions that meet identified training needs within the timescales specified.